Easy Care for Indoor Plant Species

Easy Care for Indoor Plant Species new york, we love new york

Easy Care for indoor Plant Species

There are plenty of different types of indoor office plants that work well in low light situations, require less watering than other plants and generally have lower maintenance needs. Some examples include:

Dracaena - a popular indoor plant with long green leaves and colorful stripes down the middle. Dracaenas are low light plants that can go a few days between watering.

Philodendron - heart-shaped leaves are the typical designation of a Philodendron and they have been a popular choice for indoor design needs. Philodendrons are quite adaptable to low-light situations.

ZZ Plant - one of the more popular indoor plants around and sometimes called “an eternity plant” because it can thrive for long periods of time without water in low light environments.

Pothos - a plant with colorful and vibrant leaves that doesn't require much in the way of light. It is a type of evergreen vine and it comes in a wide variety of colors and styles for any space. Their leaves are generally heart-shaped.

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