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We have recently been appointed official representatives for VONDOM, one of the leading designer Outdoor Furniture and Indoor furniture suppliers in the world.  Offering a variety of outdoor and indoor furniture, Vondom has built a name for its original name and beautiful original designs.


Defining the Vondom concept is not simple, but in their words:

A lifestyle, a way of being. That’s Vondom. Vanguard In & Out furniture made with passion. Designed by and for dynamic people, innovators, curious types… like you, who enjoy fashion and trends, and demand the best quality in everything around them.


The Vondom Outdoor Furniture Range includes:

- Tables

- Chairs

- Sofas

- Lounge Chairs

- Planters

- Sun Chaises

- Canopies

- Stools and Ottomans

- Lamps

- Benches

- Rugs


Our range of outdoor furniture can be used to add style and design to your outdoor or garden.  


The VONDOM range of outdoor furniture offer an ideal solution for a great designer finish that is aimed to impress customers of commercial outlets such as:

- Restaurant Terrace Furniture

- Pool Area Furniture

- Bars Outdoor Area Furniture

- Hotels Outdoor Area Furniture

- And any outdoor area that would do with a bit of design.

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