Green Roofs

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Having green areas in our homes is becoming more and more difficult.  The decreasing availability of land and the consequent rises in land prices has led to a maximised use of land for building, thus not allowing for green areas. Green roofs solve this issue.


A green roof is a roof that is covered in vegetation.  This is obtained by covering the roof with a waterproofing membrane and a specially designed growing medium.  In order to avoid damage to your roofs, other layers such as root barriers and drainage systems.  


Apart from offering a more aesthetically pleasing environment, Green Roofs have other uses.  Green roof in fact provides:

  • - Rainwater absorption
  • - Insulation
  • - Stress reduction environment


One must also add that having a green roof also assists in the general well being of the urban area.  Green roofs help generate cleaner air and to lower urban temperature.


With the ever increasing investment in high rise buildings, green roofs are the solution for greener and more environmentally conscious areas in otherwise grey urban zones.

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