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Range of styles

Visit our Garden Centre and Flower Shop to view the newly arrived range of plants, modern and classic pots, vases, decorative accessories, fresh and artificial flower displays, special gifts and much more.

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Delivering to your door

Same Day Delivery (Monday – Friday)
Place your order before 10.30 am, and it will be delivered by 5.00 pm that day.

Next Day Delivery (Monday – Friday)
Place your order before midnight for delivery by 5.00 pm the next day.

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Decades of experience

F.Zammit Garden Centre with a history of more than 100 years in the Horticulture & Floriculture business. Companies, small businesses, friends, and customers can confirm our quality.

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Vertical Wall Garden 

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Office Plant Services

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Moss Walls

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Garden tools

Check some of our products and brands for the garden including pots, plant food, soil, gardening tools, and more …

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