Office Plant Rentals

You have decided that a little bit of green will enhance your office environment.  But where do you start?  Which plants should you purchase?  How are you going to take care of them?  How much time do you need to take care of the plants?

Our office plant services ease out all these issues.  When we meet our client we make sure:

  • We look at the environment the plants will live in, and suggest the best solution
  • We take care of all that is required to keep your plant looking healthy.
  • We can create customized plant designs
  • We work within the confines of your budget.
  • If a plant is not looking at its best, we replace it.  No questions asked.

We love plants.  We would not have been in this industry for so long if we did not have a love for plants.  It is this love that drives our passion towards creating a greener office environment, for your employees and customers to enjoy.

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